If you think of Canada, the first thing that comes to mind is long winter, ice hockey, wild nature, bears and moose. What you certainly do not think is a world famous cuisine. However, Canada is often underestimated in this regard. Not only can you find a large and very authentic variety of international cuisines in major cities such as Toronto and Vancouver, but the country also offers its very own specialties. Granted, you have to search a bit for it, but a culinary journey of discovery is definitely worth it. Our little list helps a bit with orientation.

Discover with us 6 Canadian dishes that you absolutely must try.


If there is a dish that is really typically Canadian, then it is probably the poutine. Its origin is the hearty dish in Québec . From there, it has begun its triumphal procession across the country and is now the canadian fast food of choice after a night of drinking – whether in Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver. Gesund definitely looks different . The poutine consists of a large portion of French fries, partly double-fried, soaked in a dark and powerful gravy and rounded with grated cheese pieces . Whoever crosses Québec, can not avoid the poutine. But even so, the “Signature Dish” is part of every trip to Canada at least once.

Chicken wings

Even though they exist in several other countries and may not be typically Canadian, chicken wings are an integral part of Canadian culture. They are probably the most popular snack in the countless sports bars in the country . A hockey game live in the brimming pub, a pitcher beer and a plate of chicken wings – to experience this is just as much a part of a trip to Canada as a portion of poutine. The Canadians have perfected the marinating of delicious finger food – whether exotic Hawaiian, super-spicy or classic barbeque – there’s something for every taste.


What the Poutine is as a dish is the Caesar as a drink. The typical Canadian cocktail, not sweet but rather hearty, was invented in 1969 by restaurant manager Walter Chell in Calgary. From there, the cocktail has spread rapidly and has become the most popular drink in the country . Allegedly, Canada serves around 350 million Caesars each year. The cocktail includes vodka, clamato juice ( a mixture of tomato juice and clam broth ), Worchester sauce and Tabasco sauce, served with plenty of ice cream and celery. A real Caesar is served in a glass with salt rim.


The Pierogis have their origins in Eastern Europe, but were quickly made known mainly by immigrants from Ukraine . In the meantime, the Pierogis are probably more common in Canada than in their original country of origin. The simple but rich dish can be found on the menus of pubs and bistros and in the freezer departments of all supermarkets. The small dumplings, filled with meat, potatoes, cheese or vegetables , cooked and steaming served hot, are especially perfect to survive the long and cold Canadian winter.

Tim Horton’s donuts

Tim Horton or Timmy’s for short, stands for Canada like the maple leaf on the national flag. The chain, which was originally only specialized in coffee and Danube, has also been offering a full range of lunches in the program since the 1990s. The company was founded in 1964 by a professional ice hockey player and has since overtaken McDonalds as the largest franchise company in Canada. The Canadians are proud of their very own coffee and donut chain. Whether in the morning before work or lunch break, without a coffee and a donut of Timmy’s is not . Fight your way through the queues at lunchtime and try one of the cheap lunch deals: a soup, a sandwich, coffee and a donut of choice for just over $ 5.

Pancakes with maple syrup

Pancakes are just part of a typical Canadian breakfast. Thick, airy and often stacked in several layers, they are served in all possible variations. With Nutella, fruits, cream or ice cream. The original is and remains the variant with only maple syrup and a little butter . Often the whole thing is still associated with a small portion of fried bacon. According to local judgment , the best maple syrup is produced in Quebec . It is therefore not surprising that Creperie Catherine is one of the best pancake restaurants in the country. If you can not wait, you will find a delicious recipe for original Canadian pancakes here at underage car rental.