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List of best cities of USA to travel in

Planning a trip to the USA can be overwhelming if you don’t know which cities are truly worth visiting, since there is just so much to do. We have carefully picked out these fun cities that are a must visit on your next visit to the USA. So chek out our list of best travel destinations of USA and start planning your next trip right now with our advices.

If there is not enough for you to choose, check out our best cities to visit in States for every check-list!


This sun tropical city is know for its stunning beaches and Latin culture. Miami’s weather is surprisingly warm throughout the year, making this a perfect holiday spot if you’re planning to catch a suntan. Care to spend a day at Jungle Island where you can meet the iconic pink flamingos.  You can get there from Tampa using enterprise car rental Tampa airport. This magic city attracts singles and couples from all around the world because of its beautiful beaches and party culture.

If you’re traveling with your family and young children, you’re in luck, as Miami also has a wide range of activities in store for you. Also, the city has no dearth of art and culture with home to many art galleries, murals and theatres. If you’re looking for some adventure, try paddle boarding, skating or biking.


This lush, green city is surrounded with mountains and forests. When the sun comes out, the beauty of the mountains, forests and water make Seattle look absolutely spectacular. Anywhere you go in Seattle, you cannot escape the waters. With some fine beaches, this city let’s you bask in the sun and simply enjoy its gorgeous view from anywhere.

Booming industries, sky liners and the Needle, are what describe Seattle best. The Pike Place Market, Museum of Pop Culture and Woodland Park Zoo are some things you might not want to miss out on during your stay in the city. Mount Rainer, Mount Baker and the Cascade Mountains are also worth exploring.

San Antonio, Texas

With its location close to Mexico San Antonio becomes an excellent alternative to Austin. You can notice here the influence of the Mexican culture  in city’s art, food, and traditions. You can discover  multicultural experience here on different taste.

Exapend your gorisonts with Tejano music, enrich with widely spoken Spanish, and the mass of street shops trading in Mexican cuisine and crafts. And doln’t miss the special sight of the city – get on a river walk— two-mile path on the border of the San Antonio River. During the walk you can make stops to visit numerous restaurants, cafes, and tourist shops.

On top of everything, San Antonio holds lot of various festivals and can offer you exciting night life.


So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself pleasure from visiting these cities, following our tips on them! Also, make traveling around the city more easy for yourself by using the 24 hour car rental services available. This will make your trip totally hassle free by helping you experience the places with absolute convenience.

Best Cities to Visit in the USA for Every Checklist

If you’re planning a trip to the USA, you absolutely must include these four dreamy cities to you’re list, because any trip to the USA is incomplete without these places on your checklist.In this article we will tell you only about few of those cities of States everyone should visit. About rest of the list you can read in the next part of our List of best cities of USA to travel in.

Worried about how to get around the cities? There is no need for that. Just rent a car for 24 hours, and you’re good to go.

 New York

You cannot go to the USA and not visit New York! Often referred to as the coolest city in America, this home of Lady Liberty attracts millions of visitors every year. This extremely diverse city is shaped by immigrants and has an array for things to offer its tourist from food to entertainment to sightseeing. Every newcomer who came to the city contributed to its rich culture, but it was their dreams that made New York what it is. The city has some of the most enduring tourist attractions like the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, 7/11 Memorial, Times Square, to name a few.

New York is also paradise for shopaholics. You may choose to go watch a Broadway Show or simply chill out at the Central Park. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to the Melting Point or simply rent a car  to indulge yourself in the city’s magnificent beauty. The Big Apple has enough for you to feast on if you have an appetite big enough for all that it has to offer.

 Las Vegas

Whether you’re looking for awesome old school cocktail lounge or classic casinos, the sin city has it all. The Valley of Fires and The Grand Canyon are worth paying a visit while you’re taking a trip to Las Vegas. This incredibly city will not fail to amaze you with its dazzling neon lights that go up when the sun goes down. If you’re visiting Vegas and not going to a casino, you’re missing out on some experience.

While in the sin city, you might want to give your diet a break. We promise you won’t regret! With the array of mouth watering food the city has to offer, you simply cannot resits. The city’s happening nightlife is wild, glittery and bold, and that aptly represents Las Vegas. If circus and concerts entice you, consider going to a circus to enjoy some breathtaking acrobatics and aerial acts.

 Portland, Oregon

Portland features many budget-friendly activities, so you won’t have to spend a ridiculous chunk of your savings. This city offers you a various  choice of craft breweries, shopping life and a diverse food arrangements.

If you come here in summer you will experience a lot of the outdoors activities, and in winter it is a great posibility to fall in love with winter sports on Mount Hood.

But what is the most important Portland is a great city for intellectuals, people of art , and hipsters. So the attractions it holds ensure that you’ll find something to make great memories —no matter what you’re into.

So, that was just a few beautiful cities of America every tourist should visit in their life.